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AHEAD Global

Data Analytics

Summer Enrichment Program

Instructor-Led Live Classes

June 15-26, 2020

Students outside USA

2-Week Summer Program

  • Designed to introduce data mining concepts and techniques for analyzing large data sets for discovering knowledge and actionable information. 

  • The topics covered in this course include data exploration, dimension reduction, data visualization, predictive performance evaluation, multiple linear regression, k-nearest neighbors, naïve Bayes classifier, logistic regression, and association rules.

  • Students apply these methods to business and engineering applications using R and other data visualization software.

Previous Program Locations

Northeastern University



Oakridge International School

Testimonial from Oakridge International School Student
Individualized programs for educational institutions
  • Teacher Analytics Training

  • Probability & Statistics Workshop

  • Analytics Consulting

What Students Are Saying

  Analytics and statistics as a field isn't given enough importance in schools today. This program was important for me to be successful in my future career. I enjoyed this experience and would recommend this to other students.



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