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Enrichment Programs
Get AHEAD: Data Analytics

An enrichment program for young minds to take a deeper look into the exciting world of data mining and data visualization


Program Description

Introduce data mining concepts and techniques for analyzing large data sets for discovering knowledge and actionable information. Cover data analytics and visualization methods to understand, analyze, and solve problems in engineering, healthcare, business, arts, and music.

2-Week Summer Program

​Learning Objectives

  1. To learn concepts and methods of data analytics.

  2. To learn to visualize and interpret data using Tableau software.

  3. To apply the theory and concepts of data analytics to practical problems using R software.

  4. To demonstrate the data analytics skills on real-world use cases.

Student Outcomes

  • Identify and create innovative data-driven solutions for real-world problems

  • Develop analytical thinking in a digital age 

  • Enhance college admission competitiveness


Topics Covered

The topics covered in this course include data exploration, dimension reduction, data visualization, predictive performance evaluation, multiple linear regression, k-nearest neighbors, naïve Bayes classifier, logistic regression, and association rules.


Software Learned

Students apply these methods to business and engineering applications using R and Tableau.


2020 Program Locations

Online Session, September 20-December 6, 2020

What Students Are Saying
Fall Enrichment Program

The topics of business analytics and machine learning seemed impenetrably complex to me at the offset of the program, but the way you translated the material into real life understandable examples made the material much more approachable and made for a very informative and enjoyable learning experience... The information you taught over the course of the program is something I will carry throughout my professional life.

-Saketh Saripalli (Summer 2018 - Boston, MA)  



This course was a great learning experience, I am so happy I did it and I would recommend it to anyone I meet.    -Naveh Gershon (Summer 2020)



The instructors were awesome and really knew what they were talking about and were great at teaching it to students. It was a great introduction to data analytics and I learned a ton of new useful skills that I would of not otherwise known.      -Evan Morgan (Summer 2020)



I really enjoyed this course. I learned a lot from it and had a lot of fun.     -Jack Tsai (Summer 2020)



Overall, I had a wonderful experience in this class. Before I had been using the coding language python in data science, but this course allowed me to learn R programming, something I hadn't used before. This course has helped me develop the basic skills in data analytics.

-Pooja Kantheti (Summer 2020)



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